"Future : Portland" official Selection-3rd Annual New Urbanism Film Fest -- (New POSTER!)

The theatrical poster for the film. "Future : Portland" will be on display in Los Angeles in October. The New Urbanism Film Festival is Oct 8-11. 

At the beginning of the summer, after the huge local reception for the film, we began to get inquiries from communities all over the country. Folks from Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles reached out to us with their own stories of struggle under the weight of urban growth and ongoing development. The outpourings of support were an overwhelming and very unexpected, yet very appreciated surprise for all of us at BCP. 

In addition to words of support, we also got suggestions from some people that we should enter the film into festivals. We certainly weren't thinking about cinematic reach for the film, but in the end, we decided that sharing the film would help raise awareness. 

We learned in August that the film had been accepted in the 3rd Annual New Urbanism Film Festival (NUFF), and needless to say, we were excited. The annual four day festival in Los Angeles showcases short and feature length films submitted from around the world. The festival also hosts interactive events around the city that get audiences exploring, experiencing, and examining the built environment in fun new ways.  At this stage, the festival producers began to request materials for the promotion of the film, for which we had none. So we cooked up this one-sheet poster to provide for them and we must say that we're quite fond of it.  Definitely going to be hung in the office.  

Design-wise, the poster incorporates some familiar imagery from some of the iconic visual moments from the film. It features a three-image, stacked layout with Nolan Leinhart in a conference room at the ZGF offices, dead-center, looking out over the city like Bruce Wayne--modern buildings rising up into the sky. The poster is held up by the always stunning Liz Vice, clad in her bright yellow coat, staring off, hopefully into the future, and topped off by a orange/fuchsia sunrise over the I-5, Marquam Bridge ramps, looking east.  

BCP Director, Ifanyi Bell will be on-hand in Los Angeles to support the film. 

the Start.

Photo by  Das Leune  

Photo by Das Leune 

The night that set us on our journey. Because of this night, we ran with the feeling, the electricity that pulsed through out each person in the room. There was this creative spirit that we had all experienced on our own, but now together, we wanted to capture that. Extend it to others. This was the night that an idea was born.