Brushfire Partners, Ifanyi Bell and Margaret Jacobsen


Our Story

Grown from chance meetings, crossed paths, and a common desire for a creative community that reaches out beyond the comfortable and known, we came together. Although we were different in our art forms and mediums, we had a singular desire to meet with fellow African-Americans, and create. To encourage that creation, to make alongside each other, to stand together, to grow. So we met. We intended on a small meeting, but the space was filled with others craving exactly what we were craving. An environment to be seen, heard, and encouraged in. There was something in the air, everyone felt it. So we pursued that feeling. That fire... It was contagious. It was cathartic, It was Brushfire. 


 What We do

Brushfire Creative Partners is a first-of-its-kind,socially sustainable consulting agency. Our core focus is to serve as an interface between business, social enterprise and artistic expression, delivering elegant solutions for businesses large and small.